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We are very excited to officially graduate to treatment! Dr.Bauer, Jill, and the entire staff has been amazing over the last 2 years of consultations. They have answered numerous questions and made us feel comfortable. Now that it is time for braces, we know they will continue to exceed our expectations. As a side note, we met 3 other orthodontists 2 years ago when our pediatric dentist suggested that we start getting consults. Bauer Orthodontics is the only office that didn't treat us like a number or a way to make money, but a patient.

I had my initial consultation for braces with Dr. Bauer. Everyone was really nice and made it a really fun experience. In a few weeks I will be getting braces and I am actually looking forward to it! I know Dr. Bauer and the staff will make this a fun time, and I can't wait to earn more Bauer Bucks!!

Bauer Orthodontics is great. They are friendly and want to make my experience comfortable. The staff is awesome!

Bauer Orthodontist is very fun and everyone there is very nice. Before each of my appointments, I always get to play games on their Touch 2 Play. The workers there are very nice and tell me what is going to happen ahead of time so that I don't get nervous. After each appointment, I earn Bauer Points and I can either save them up for big rewards, or spend them up for something anytime. They have a very fun website with fun games and challenges, too.